Dudley World Music Ensemble

You can look at the full Dudley WME playlist here – I have been involved since fall 2015 in various pieces. However, here are some highlights:

Fall 2018

A custom arrangement of a classic erhu piece, Longing for Home, featuring erhu player Winona Guo.
This is a very intense interpretation of a classical Carnatic song. Of course, I was never trained in this idiom, but I tried my best!

Spring 2018

This Roma folk song celebrates the arrival of spring.

Fall 2017

It was my idea to make this arrangement combining two different songs: The Sound of Silence and Shape of My Heart. Even if thematically they’re not very related, musically it works out pretty well!
A medley of two songs originally performed by the Quebecois folk group La Vent du Nord.
A well-arranged classic Vietnamese song.

Spring 2017

Noise to Signal is an experimental piece which we collectively composed together under my direction.
An all-time Dudley WME favorite, Bir Hayli is a Turkish pop song.
A medley of three different songs, melding lyricism and vigorous percussion. My first public performance as a bassist!


During a service at Restore Christian Church, Quincy.

Two videos produced in 2015 by YMI ministries, featuring amazing Singaporean pianist Jordan Wei!


It was an amazing privilege for our Buckley Boys String Quartet to be able to play two movements of the Mendelssohn Octet with the Parker Quartet!
Performing my own piano composition in Vienna (2014)!
A performance of the Debussy string quartet (one of my favorites), as part of the resident Amherst College student string quartet, the Buckley Boys (2013).


From a project featuring mostly Berklee students. Was fun to play in a professionally produced music video!