Dudley World Music Ensemble, 2005-2019

The Dudley World Music Ensemble (which was founded by David Kaminski in 2000 as the Dudley Traditional Music Ensemble) was an ensemble of graduate students, staff, and other members of the community at Harvard/MIT/Cambridge who got together regularly in Dudley House at Lehman Hall to play music from all over the world. I have been a member since my first year in graduate school (2015) and was Music Director from 2016-2018, passing over my position to Eric Puma for 2018-2019. 

Here are some reminiscences I wrote during my time there:

Reflections as a World Music Ensemble Director, Part 1

Reflections as a World Music Ensemble Director, Part 2

Starting summer 2019 Dudley House was abolished and transformed into the Dudley Community for off-campus college students and the GSAS Student Center for graduate students. In order to reflect this new status, the Dudley WME changed its name to become the GSAS World Music Collective. The old Dudley House website with its WME-specific web pages was taken down and replaced with the new branding. Eric and I found a new director to take over the group (Audrey Wozniak). I continue to be an active member of this new group. However, I am archiving the past web pages of the Dudley WME here for posterity:


About Dudley WME (musical philosophy)

List of past musicians (updated until spring 2018)

Past concert posters (updated until spring 2018)

History of Dudley WME (list of past directors)

Some other, semi-obsolete links:

Dudley WME Bandcamp

Dudley WME Soundcloud