Augustine’s The City of God, Part 3

It’s been a very busy last two weeks, such that while I finished Augustine’s The City of God on March 19, I’ve only had time now to reflect on my readings! But here we are. To recap, in our first post we went through the first ten chapters of CG, taking note of Augustine’s polemical strategies against Roman polytheism – … Continue reading “Augustine’s The City of God, Part 3”

Augustine’s The City of God, Part 2

The first 10 books of The City of God was a polemic against Roman polytheistic religion. As we saw last week, Augustine rebuts and ridicules polytheistic religious practices and beliefs with a remarkable amount of efficacy, showing the incoherence of Roman religious myths if they were to be taken seriously, and the hopeless task the pagan philosophers had … Continue reading “Augustine’s The City of God, Part 2”

Augustine’s The City of God, Part 1

It’s been a very difficult and crazily busy last three weeks since I posted, but I managed to at least read 10 books (out of 22 total) of Augustine’s The City of God, which is slightly under half of it. Augustine himself adds a note at the end of Book X outlining the preceding books as Part I of … Continue reading “Augustine’s The City of God, Part 1”

Augustine: On Christian Doctrine

I went back to Augustine this week, starting with his shorter work, On Christian Doctrine (OCD), which is less than 150 pages, divided into four books. (The epic 1000-page City of God will be the next and last Augustine work we will cover in the GBWW, maybe after this one, or after finishing through Aristophanes or Euripedes.) OCD … Continue reading “Augustine: On Christian Doctrine”

The Confessions of Augustine

Augustine’s Confessions is what I would call truly establishing a genre – that of the personal narrative. Despite being written over a millennium and a half ago, it surprised me with its thoroughly modern candidness and accessibility. Augustine goes into lucid detail at many points, showing varied facets of his life and struggles which are no … Continue reading “The Confessions of Augustine”